This photo was taken 1949.

MARJANIEMEN KENNEL is the oldest still functioning kennel in Finland. It was established by my grandmother, Mrs. Margaritha Särkkä, in July 1936. Her breed was German Shepherd. She bred many famous dogs; several of them became champions. During the World War II many of her GSDs served as messengers or sanitary dogs, most legendary were Fin Field Ch. RAIMO MARJANIEMEN MARSKI and Fin. Double Ch. DINNIE V. MARJANIEMI. More at the History.

I fell in love with Cavaliers in the early fifties but my first own dog was however a Rottweiler.
I got my first cavalier in 1979. He was a black/tan male Kindrum Dollar. He came to live with us to Egypt where my late husband served as a diplomat at the Finnish Embassy. During his long life, over 14 years, Tim lived or travelled with us in over 20 countries. He was a real ambassador of his breed.


My second rottweiler Leonardo v Heidesee ( born -77) and my first cavalier Kindrum Dollar ( born -79 ) pictured here December 1979 at Gezira Sporting Club Zamalek, Cairo , Egypt.

My foundation cavalier bitch was International & Austrian & Finnish & Jugoslavian & Swedish Champion, Austrian Winner -88, -89 Chandlers Lavender Lou. She was a black/tan, born 15.4.85, from mrs Vera Preece.
She had 4 litters by 4 different males and was the dam of 7 champions:

 CIB & Austrian & Finnish Champion, Res -WW-90, Wien Sieger -90, -91 Marjaniemen Auringosäde (ruby)
 Finnish Champion Marjaniemen Musta Hyväily (b/t), foundation bitch at the kennel Oak's.
 Finnish Champion, Res -WW -90 Marjaniemen Hymypoika (ruby)
 Finnish & Estonian Champion Marjaniemen Musta Madonna (b/t)
 CIB & Hungarian Champion Marjaniemen Aswad Quabous (b/t)
 Czech Champion Marjaniemen Quassium (ruby)

 Finnish & Estonian Champion Marjaniemen Aswad Qusai (b/t)

Other cavalier champions bred by me :

Finnish & Israel & Austria & Jugoslavia Ch Marjaniemen Musta Etelätuuli , Finnish & Estonian Ch Marjaniemen Musta Madonna , Finnish & Estonian & Belarussian Ch Marjaniemen Musta Ruhtinas , Finnish & Estonian Ch Marjaniemen Musta Safiiri , USA Ch Marjaniemen Musta Timantti , Estonian Ch Marjaniemen Musta Venus , CIB & Hungaria Ch Marjaniemen Millenium Yade , CIB & German & Austrian Ch Marjaniemen Musta Felix , Finnish Ch Marjaniemen Faramond .

I imported also 2000 from Clare Hayles a lovely bt bitch Angelarc Fantasie . I have exported cavaliers to Austria , Czechland , Germany , Estonia , Japan and USA.

King Charles Spaniels are very special dogs and once you have got the first one the second and so on follow very soon. My first one CIB & Multi Ch & W Marsward Little Miss Molly came to me 1999. My other imports are CIB & Multi Ch & W Marsward My Mate Marchog ( co-owned with Kate Stewart ), both from England , CIB & Multi Ch Gracienda's All That I Am from Norway , EU JW 2005 Toska Bohemia Zlatava from Czechland and Finnish & Estonian & Russian Ch, JWW & PL JW 2006 Leisureview Finnleah from Australia . I have exported charlies to Norway , Canada, Australia, America, Russia, Switzerland and England.

Charlie Champions bred by me :

Nordic & Finnish & Swedish & Norwegian Ch Marjaniemen Golden Toyboy , Nordic JW 2003 Finnish & Estonian Ch Marjaniemen Roi Du Soleil , Norwegian Ch Marjaniemen Roi Nocturne , CIB & Multi Ch & W, EU W 2008 & 2010 Marjaniemen Queen of Hopes , CIB & Multi Ch , Baltic W 2007 Marjaniemen Queen of Hearts , CIB & Finnish & Estonian & Latvian Ch Marjaniemen Little Princess , Australian Ch Marjaniemen Ice And Fire , Canadian Ch Marjaniemen Red Rosebud , Finnish Ch Marjaniemen Strawberry Rose , Norwegian Ch Marjaniemen Moonlite , Finnish & Latvian Ch Marjaniemen Moonlily, Finnish Ch Marjaniemen Moonmaid and Fin & Nor & Est Ch Marjaniemen Queen's Gold N Ivory. .


Japanese Chins came into my life 2000. My foundation bitch is EU JW 2007 & CIB & Finnish & Estonian & Russian Ch Hin Satori Marja Krasavitsa . Sofar I have bred 3 chin litters , from my first litter is Fin & Dk Ch Marjaniemen Kuro - Siro .


Already during the years in Egypt I met some funny little dogs and when I realized some 30 years later that they are also black/tan I wanted to get first one and the second came soon after, both in April 2009. They are ofcourse Petit Brabancons. Imgosbull Original Boy has the titles Int & Fin & Nor & Est Ch and Finnish Junior Winner 2009 . He and Fin & Est & Rus Ch Valentinka S Bolshogo Sampsonia are both from Russia. Tinka's daughter is Nor JW 2011 Marjaniemen Duchesse De Noel.


The first chihuahuas came to my life 2009 when the little tiger girl Rawr's Tiger Princess flew from Canada. My first litter was born 23. 8. 2011 . The sire of these 6 lovely pups is Th & Am & Fi & & Ee Ch Marlisa's Dancin Away Baron.


My daughter Nora has been my dear partner since 2002.

Nora and Bianca Christmas 2008. Ami Autumn 2004.



The circle has been closed as October 2003 I got my German Shepherd Dog, Newmix Guadiana who carries my Granny's dogs' genees. My only Marjaniemen GSD puppies were born February 2006 to the tribute of my Granny.





Apple blossoms 28. 5. 2009 by Lea Anttila.




Nora and Ami August 2009 at the Park named after Nora's gr gr dad, photos by Paul Foreman.

I am also an international show judge; rottweilers since 1979, cavaliers and some other toy breeds since 1986.
At the moment I judge about 30 breeds in 3 groupps. I hope you will enjoy my breed photo galleries.
If you want to know more about my dogs, their pedigrees and my future breeding plans, please contact:

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