Magnificent statue in the front of Musee d'Orsay, Paris, 26. 4. 2009.


A painting I found in Cairo 1980. A fairwell gift from Cairo.
This painting I found in Jordan 1994. A gift .
Paintings and horses from many countries.  
The latest new horse in my collection from Abu Dhabi 1 4 12. Thank you Paul and Nora.  






Fin & Lv Ch Marjaniemen Moonlily

by Ewa Wiberg 2010.




Cute, little Oliver by Angela Turner, England.

Oliver is from kennel Marchog and owned by Angela.




Millie and Denzil, aquarelle by Lea Anttila.




Bianca and Noriko, aquarelle by Lea Anttila



Denzil, aquarelle by Lea Anttila, now at Marchog kennel, England.




Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch Marjaniemen Little Princess

by Ewa Wiberg ( ) 2009.



Imgosbull Original Boy, Orson.



A lovely gift from Jenna Hailikari and Bianca's brother Calvin.




Int & Fin & Est Ch Marjaniemen Little Princess





Int Ch & EU W 08 Marjaniemen Queen of Hopes

a lovely wooden piece of art, a gift from her owner Dorota Ledzewicz.





A super headstudy of N Ch & W - 06 Hin Satori Rysskie Surprise by Ewa Wiberg . A gift to my Mum from Aslaug and Hans, kennel Gracienda.



A lovely painting of half brothers , Nordic Ch Marjaniemen Golden Toyboy and N Ch Marjaniemen Roi Nocturne

by famous Swedish artist Ewa Wiberg, a gift from Aslaug and Hans , kennel Gracienda's.



A young talented Norwegian artist Erna Lorentzen has painted many lovely dog, especially charlie, pictures. Here is Elsa with her first anniversary gift. Elsa is Tobby's daughter.
A super mailbox painted by Erna. The model, Rosie sits next to the box which I got from Aslaug and Hans.




Int & Multi Ch & W Marsward Little Miss Molly painted by Erna. headstudy of Elsa.



A beautiful window decoration from England.



Marjaniemen Moonlite , gr son of Ch Marjaniemen Golden Toyboy.



A trio of lovely pups sired by Ch Marjaniemen Golden Toyboy, born in Sweden.

Both these paintings by Ewa Wiberg, Sweden, are gifts from kennel Gracienda's.



A find from a Finnish Flea Market .





Marjaniemen Musta Mesimarja and her mate Emily, painted by Gundi Groh 1991, Austria.