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Marjaniemen Musta Fortunato, Fin Ch Marjaniemen Faramond, Newmix Guadiana and Fin & Est Ch and Nordic JW - 03 Marjaniemen Roi du Soleil

photo by Paula Heikkinen - Lehkonen 27. 7. 05


CH Marjaniemen Faramond & CH Marjaniemen Roi du Soleil Marjaniemen Musta Fortunato & Multi CH & W Marsward My Mate Marchog both photos by Paula Heikkinen - Lehkonen 27. 7. 05

Here you can see the differences between these two wonderful breeds.






Fin & Dk Ch Marjaniemen Kuro - Siro, photo taken by Arja 14. 11. 2010.

5 x CC in two countries.




At Riga Int Show 22. 3. 2009 with Noriko ( BB 3 ).

photo by Lea Anttila




Marjaniemen Yuki - Hime, Noriko's lovely daughter, 6 months old.


At Turenki Group Show 11. 5. 2008 Noriko was BOB under Tuula Plathan. At the same show Piaf was BB 2, won her second CC and was BOB Veteran.




Tampere Int Show 15. 3. 08 Noriko was BB, BOS with CACIB, got her 9 th CC which made her FINNISH CHAMPION under toydog specialist Annukka Paloheimo. This made Noriko also EST CH ( CC + Cacib 30. 6. 2007 at Pärnu Int Show ).






Orson won his 8 th CC in Finland with Cacib and BOS at Lahti Int Show 31. 10. 2010.



Tinka was mated by Cib * Hassunnassun Jymyjuttu and will have puppies the first week of December.

(* to be confirmed by FCI )



Orson and Tinka at Ristiina Show 31. 7. 2010



Orson has been in four official Puppy classes and has been every time BOB Pup.

Thank you Annukka Paloheimo, Erna-Britt Nordin, Markku Kipinä and Denis Kuzelj.

photo taken 14. 9. 2009 by Tatjana Kalinina.



Who is afraid of the big bad wolf ??????




Full of life and kisses 28. 5. 2009, photo by Lea Anttila.




At a fun Match Show 16. 5. 09 Orson was placed second of the Red Puppies. Tinka was unplaced. What a fun we all had as this was the first time puppies were on show leash and in a ring.




First kiss, Tinka and Orson 29. 4. 2009, from Russia with love.



The new little Princess "Tinka" came from St Petersburg 29. 4. 2009.



Millie and Orson with me by Lea Anttila. Orson and me kissing 8. 4. 09.





My Super Veterans Molly and Denzil at Ristiina Show 31. 7. 2010.

Molly at the age of 11 years BB 1 BOS BOB VET

Denzil at the age of 10½ years BM 2 BOS VET



and their gr daughter Queeny at her first show BOB PUP !!!



Little Queeny gave a blood sampple 21. 4. as a part of Dr Hannes Lohi genetic reseach for a test of epilepsy. So did all my other charlies too. This took place at Musti & Mirri, Helsinki.



Denzil winning BOB and Nordic Winner 2009 title 13. 12. 2009 under breed specialist Annukka Paloheimo.




Marjaniemen Moonmaid at her second show 24. 10. 09 got her second CC with res Cacib. Well done Tanja and Misty. The judge at Seinäjoki Int Show was Denis Kuzelj. Third show 21. 11. 09 at Jyväskylä Int Misty got her third CC becoming Fin Champion. What a girl she is. Her son Katrill Lord Darcy in his first time out in junior class got CC at the same show. Congratulations to Tanja and Ulla !!!!!




Marjaniemen Strawberry Rose gained her FIN CH title 13. 9. 2009 at Porvoo show under Evelyn Hurley.






Denzil's bt daughter in England, Cavella Callula gained her title at the Paington Ch Show 5. 8. 2009.

Well done Yvonne !!!!!!




Australian Champion Marjaniemen Ice And Fire





photo by Anneli Mäkinen at Riga Int Show ,Latvia 17. 11. 08.




qualified for Crufts 2009 & 2010.








Denzil VETERAN WORLD WINNER at Stockholm WW Show.




Int & Fin & Est & Lv & Rus Ch Marjaniemen Queen of Hearts

gained her title at St Petersburg 29. 6. 2008.




Marjaniemen Moonshine ( Calvin ) 28. 2. 08




Marjaniemen Moonlite at his third show 17. 2. 08 was BOB with CC under Mona Selbach.

Well done Aslaug, Hans and Marjo, you are a super team !

Marjo's second show :

Marjaniemen Moonlite, Marjo at his second show 30. 12. 07, Letohallen, near Oslo. He was Best Male and then BOB, winning his second CC under the Finnish Allrounder Paula Heikkinen - Lehkonen. Just look at his attitude and movement ! Well done Aslaug, Hans and Marjo.






Well done Dorota and Hope.




Marjaniemen Golden Dreams

( Int & Multi Ch & W Marsward My Matew Machog - Int & Multi Ch & W Marsward Little Miss Molly )



Marjaniemen Golden Future ( res- CC) , litter brother of M Golden Dreams and the famous trio of bt Int champion girls.





Happiness is a charlie enjoying a sunny day at Polish countryside.

INT & PL & LTU & EST &LV J CH Marjaniemen Queen of Hopes



Marjaniemen Red Rosebud, "Annie" with her new doggy family, Alberta Canada.





Denzil has now returned to his own home. Thank you so much Ron and Kate for letting me have him 14 months.

He has been a great ambassador of this wonderful breed. He has fans in many countries and his legacy is shining through

his offspring. Denzil is "once in a lifetime dog".



Denzil at Helsinki Int Show 17.12 . 2005

he was placed second in champion class and ended 4th best male under Joyce O'Connors ( Ireland).

Denzil was BOB and NORDIC WINNER 2005 18. 12. 2005 at the Nord Winner Show at Helsinki under Karl- Erik Johansson.

photo by Maria Sundell.





photo by Per Unden 10. 12. 05



A new International Champion Multi Ch & W Marsward My Mate Marchog and a new Swedish Champion

Int & Multi Ch & W Marsward Little Miss Molly 10. 12. 05 at Stockholm Winner Show under breed specialist

Pietro Paolo Condo from Italy.



.Denzil by Marita Kienanen 9/2005



Denzil by Marita Kienanen 9/ 05.



MARJANIEMEN QUEEN OF HOPES by Paula Heikkinen - Lehkonen

This beautiful daughter of Denzil and Molly lives at Poland with Dorota Ledzewicz .



GSDs :



This beautiful headstudy was taken by my son Jari 9. 5. 04.



Ami is pictured with the statue of the famous war dog Field Ch Raimo Marjaniemen Marski.



Ami by Paula Heikkinen - Lehkonen


Her hips are B/B, elbows 0/0 and her heart is clear.

Clear heart 17. 3. 2010.




Puppies were born 25.2.06. There are 2 boys and one girl. Pictured at the age of one week.


Marjaniemen Alias Udo ( Hope ), Marjaniemen Anastasjia ( Ninja ) and Marjaniemen Alias Marski ( Marski ) at the age of 3 months.




Ami's daughter Marjaniemen Anastasjia, Ninja, working as a shepherd dog.



Hope, Marjaniemen Alias Udo and Ami September 2007.



Marjaniemen Alias Marski, October 2007.



Ami has already donated blood six times at the University Animal Hospital to save other dogs' lives.



Marjaniemen Alias Udo, called Hope, March 2008.



Marjaniemen Alias Marski, Marski Summer 2008.



Marjaniemen Anastasiya, Ninja September 2008.



Ninja enjoyes the Winter 2009.



Ami 31. 5. 2009.