Horses, my greatest passion


1979 - 1983, plus 4 trips.



Grey Stallion and the mare Honey.


This photo was taken 1982 when I had the possibility to ride this magnificent Grey Stallion at Gezira Sporting Club in Cairo, Egypt. He was the horse of my life, owned by Ziad Z.




Grey Stallion October 1983 at Gezira, Cairo.



Lovely, sunny memories from Aleksandria with Grey Stallion,1984.


Some five years have passed and I was back on a dancing horse at the MG Stables near the Pyramides at Giza.


My last trip to Egypt was 1994 and I made a 40 km riding trip in the desert with this windfast mare.

One part of my heart is always there.




1991 - 1995


I had the opportunity to buy this dear old boy Argos 1993 when his owners returned from Syria to Germany.

Pictured here with Fin&Est Ch Marjaniemen Aswad Qusai as a puppy.

After the sad loss of Argos my groom Aboud found me this magnificent stallion Lord.

Lord was half arab and about ten years of age. I had the priveledge to own him for two years.


I had to restart jumping very slowly after so many years' break but Lord was an excellent partner. X - jumps were so easy.
Layla was a purebred Syrian Arab horse. Layla was own by our Consul General.
Zahra was full of spirit,also owned by our Consul. From holiday trip to Sharm El Sheik, Sinai 11/ 1994.
Lord loved to jump. So I had to go higher and higher.
110 cm Relaxing trotting.



I wish Lord runs somewhere free now.




After 10 years I was back on a horse again. During a wonderful long weekend May 2005 with friends at Iceland I made 1½ hour riding with this lovely little icelandic horse.





I thought I will never ride again but after the riding trip at Iceland I decided to try if I can do it, November 2005 .

After few lessons I noticed it is impossible.





Sometimes little miracles happen in one's life, like that one rainy evening June 2009 Hampur ( the little Icelandic boy ) and I met in the woods of Sipoo outside Helsinki. Hopefully this will be a new start of my life with horses.

Have now been riding some months and it gives me so much joy and happiness. How much I have missed this. I have been riding Hampur, Dynur, Krokur and Yrpa ( she has " tölt" and trotting soft like a dream ) but no pics as I ride at the evening and it is already too dark. Most amazing thing is that my muscles have no pain at all after 13 years break of regular riding.



After one year riding I have been enjoying a lot to ride Dynur, one evening we even jumped over tiny obstacles . He is so nice to canter , trot and tölt.






Visiting the lovely stallion, Bugsy Malone 12. 10. 2009 at Graz, Austria. This super horse, 29 years old is owned by my dear friend, mrs Bogen.