Marjaniemen German Shepherd Dogs photogallery


A circle is closing as Ami ( Newmix Guadiana) entered into my life. In her pedigree are dogs bred by my grandmother at the decades of 1940 and 1950, the best friends of my childhood. Ami is very special to me.



October 2003 on the way to home.

Newmix Guadiana

( Quälgeist Gilmanes - Sissinheimon Original )

Pictured here at the age of 10 weeks.



Ami is pictured here at the age of almost 4 months.



Ami is pictured here at the age of 5 months and a week. Photo taken by Carolina Kauppi.



Ami at the age of 9 months by my son Jari



A sunny day June 2005


Quälgeist Gilmanes

( Sissinheimon Bandit - Quälgeist Beata )

Sissinheimon Original

( Magbert vom Blitzen Stein - Sjinta van de Debbershoeve )



Sissinheimon Original , June 2006.


Sissinheimon Bandit

( Sissinheimon Praxis - Sissinheimon Simba )

All these 3 super dogs are owned by Ami's breeder Karola Nyman ( Newmix kennel ).



Ami by Paula Heikkinen- Lehkonen 27. 7 .05



Ami 29. 10. 05



Marjaniemen Alias Marski, Alias Udo and Anastasjia born 26. 2. 06 , here 6 weeks old. Layout by Bigi.

Ascor X Ami